Vivat Veritas is an online fashion boutique and blog operated by me, Chie Duncan. I am a Japanese designer and seamstress based in Tokyo, Japan. Fashion, sewing and blogging all began as little side hobbies when a friend lent me a basic sewing machine to make a few household odds and ends. Over the next few months I tried my hand at sewing some pieces for personal use. As I sewed more I began documenting my progress and blogging about various aspects of my sewing life. Over time these small side hobbies have grown into what they are now, the Vivat Veritas clothing line and a beloved part of my everyday life.

The clothes I sell are all personally designed and sewn by me. I take pride in each piece I make. Stop by
the Vivat Veritas blog
to see what's going on in my life. If your style matches mine I am sure you will love what you see!

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